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We are here so you can

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we will take care of the rest



As A Clicke Member You Will Enjoy

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Access to Clicke's ever-expanding client base

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Independence to set your own rates and schedule

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Protection against cancellation and ensured payment

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Networking and education events to meet other creatives

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Have your                        and eat it too 

You should not have to choose between the independence of freelance and the financial security & network of a studio


With                  you get...

your OWN clients, set your OWN rates, and enjoy access to Clicke's diverse network of clients and fellow creatives

We charge a fee to the client, not you, for our services. We provide contracts that protect YOU and a client deposit so that you will still get paid when clients cancel last minute

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with fellow creatives


We are first and foremost a community of creatives. Connect with new clients and fellow artists through Clicke exhibits, networking events, and educational opportunities.

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A creative virtual exhibit space & platform to share the inspiring stories behind the artists in the Clicke

Subscribe to Clicke Bait to be notified when we post and receive early access invitations to our events


Service Features


Clicke is free for photographers. We don't take ANY of your profits.

Booking Calendar

Organize photo shoots, block time-off, and seamlessly link bookings into your calendar

Last Minute

Find clients to fill last-minute

gaps in your calendar

Expand your network with access to clients looking for photographers

Expanded Network

If you book over $12,000 through Clicke, we will organize your tax filing information

Easy Bookkeeping

Feel protected by our Terms of Use and contract transparency

Clicke Contracts

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