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Made you look ;)

But why?

Clicke’s flagship publication, Bait, is dedicated to exploring what exactly makes us look at the photography that draws our attention.

Is it dramatic lighting?

A witty caption?

Somewhere or someone beautiful?

Maybe, in part, but ultimately, we at Clicke think that it’s far simpler - We are drawn to art that we connect with.

Photography lets you experience the artist's perspective in that moment and experience the unfettered emotion of life in an instant.

We founded Bait to put a spotlight on the who and what behind why we connect with visual content. Burgeoning visual media consumption has caused the photography market to become increasingly saturated and commodified, but Bait seeks to remind us of why photography is first and foremost an art. And what better way to do that than to focus on the artists?

We embark on this project with a lofty goal: to feature the stories of 1000 visual media artists. Photographers, videographers, mixed media graphic artists- any and all creatives who are producing visual media that moves us.

Clicke is more than a photography booking app- we’re a community, a clique, the Clicke. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the Clicke community has only begun its narration.

Welcome to the Clicke.

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