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Mikko Castaño

Mikko Castaño wants you to see the Asian-American community through a new lens. Every photo Castaño captures contains a masterfully curated blend of Asian style, music, food, and subjects spotlighting the dynamism of contemporary Asian culture- neatly packaged in his signature, self-described “retro, hypebeast aesthetic.”

This series may appear different because we created the series to be in short, pieces that focus on each individual piece or parts of a greater series.

We have provided you this series in Bait but you can also find the series on our Youtube Channel.


Everything in order in a Black Hole


I could not get the hang of Poetry


I used to swim, now I'm ready to sink


Stunt on me once and I'll flex on you forever


Dragon Energy


I'm floating in a most peculiar way ...




Truth is like fire: to tell the truth is to glow and burn


Tried to treat a man like baby feel the teeth sink in like rabies


Book Mikko and other photographers for both planned and on-demand sessions through the Clicke.

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